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Poppy Lane

Poppy Lane is one half of duo Pop & Scott. There's lots we love about Poppy: her dedication to the handmade, the organic and the slow; her generosity towards other artists and makers and her love of this amazing country of ours. We're delighted to feature Poppy as one of our Staple Women. 

Poppy wears our handknitted Garter Cardi.

Words by Poppy Lane.

Images by Bobby Clark.



Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you come to be doing what you're doing?


I am a Florist by trade. I started a floristry apprenticeship after I finished school. I absolutely loved it, I then moved to Melbourne from Perth to be more connected to the arts scene and work with florists I had admired from afar. I was 19 and quickly landed a job in one of the best florist in Melbourne. I worked in the industry for another 11 years. In this time I met Scotty and we travelled through North and Central America together for 6 months. When we returned I needed a change. I had been craving a change in career for a while and I was always passionate about furniture and interiors. We started designing things and making them in our shed... it all just evolved from there...


What does living well mean to you? Where do you find it? What matters?


We are very privileged to be able to answer and even be in a position to ask these kind of questions... I think really living well is to be true to yourself and to respect others. 



Why are staples important to you? 


I am all about staples! I do love pretty things and well made objects but I am passionate about simple and necessary items in my life. I hate excess. I don't have many clothes but what I do have is either second hand or bought local and I wear everything I own till it has holes in it. I am like this in my home too if it does not give me pleasure visually or does not have an actual function then it has no place in my life. 


We really appreciate hearing your thoughts on living a staple life Poppy, thankyou!


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