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How to simplify your wardrobe (and your life)

Simpler wardrobe = simpler life: simple as that!

Here's how: 

Pull everything out and pop it on your bed. Make piles for keeping, donating, repairing and recycling and start sorting. 

1) If you haven’t worn it for a year, donate it.

2) If it doesn't fit you anymore or makes you itchy or uncomfortable, donate it. 

3) If it's stained or worn out beyond repair, recycle it into a rag or check out the options here

4) If you've never really liked it or it doesn't work with anything else you own (even if you've worn it in the past year), donate it.

5) If it's sentimental and you never wear it but can't part with it, consider re-classifying it.  This piece is no longer part of your functioning wardrobe and belongs with your other memorabilia. However, if your wardrobe is the only safe place for it, assign it a place at the back/bottom where it won't interfere with anything else. 

6) If it needs repairing you can fix it. Often people will throw away clothes instead of repairing them, if you're not sure how to do that yourself find a good tailor in your local area they would be happy to help. These clothes are a waste of resources so try and get them fixed asap. 

Put everything back into your wardrobe. This is the important part where you consider how pieces work together. I prefer to group like with like ~ shirts together, pants together, etc. But some people like to colour code (which makes for a pretty wardrobe) and others like to hang outfits together eg this top gets worn with that skirt. Consider what will work best for you and don't be afraid to change if after a few days of using your updated wardrobe you can't find what you need. Remember, your wardrobe needs to work for you, not for anyone else.  

Repeat the process with any drawers.  

I find if I do this every 6 months or so, I keep a mental audit of what I have which makes it much easier when shopping to know if a new purchase is going to add value to everything else.

It might help to think of your wardrobe as a garden that needs tending regularly ~ pull out the weeds to make room for the flowers and add companions that allow them to flourish.

I'm not much of a fan of the typical capsule wardrobe; I think every garden has a few surprises that allow for expression in unexpected ways and there's no reason why your wardrobe shouldn't too. 

Good luck! 

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