7 ways we can help simplify your life

1. We know our clothes.

We've owned & managed independent fashion stores for 8 years. The collection we've curated for Staple Store reflects our experience dressing thousands of women so you can't go wrong, whatever you choose.

2. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The best wardrobes are built from pieces that work well together. We're interested in what you already have & what value a new piece will add to your existing collection.

  3. It shouldn't have to be so hard...
...and it isn't. Shop instore or online, confident in the knowledge that we've done the research on our clothes to ensure they'll serve you well. We accept payment via Zippay, Paypal, American Express & all major cards. We ship free to AU & NZ & offer a flat rate to the rest of the world. Simple!
  4. We'd rather talk about value, not price.

We're committed to giving you value, whatever your budget. As a minimum, our staples are tested for wearability, versatility & durability, so you can be confident you'll get an excellent return on your investment. Some also come with special features such as incredible fabric or handmade details. Not everyone will see value in the same things and that's great - it'd be a boring world otherwise - but we want our staples to add value to your life in ways that go far beyond just the purchase price.

  5. Less, naturally.

Our staples will take you everywhere, they'll go with everything & they'll last. You'll get more from them so you'll need less in your life. 

6. We share what we know.

We take a keen interest in our supply chain and its effect on people and planet. Most of our makers are small batch who work directly with the people who make their clothes. Some of them are ethically certified. Others aren't in a position to attain ethical certification even though they care deeply & are fair & kind in their practices. We'll always tell you what we know about our staples so you can make an informed decision. You can find out more about our commitment to nature here & our social responsibility here

7. We don't like waste.

An unworn item is a waste. We want you to wear our clothes until they're worn out. Then bring them back so we can have them repaired for you.