We're here to simplify your life with wardrobe staples and accessories that give you more from less.
 In classic styles, natural fabrics and versatile colours, our staples will take you everywhere and work beautifully with what you already own. The secret's in the qualities that elevate them above the everyday: feel, cut and drape. For day and night, work and weekend; try our staples and you'll never need (or want) to take them off

Passionate about sustainable consumption, anthropologist and designer Dirima Cuthbert has curated a collection of everyday essentials selected for their versatility, durability and delight. But Staple Store is more than a shop; 'We try to share the value of staples through interviews with real-life, staple-loving women and blog posts to nourish a community of like minded souls who want to live simpler lives.'

Our staples are hand selected from all over the world - Europe, North and South America and our beloved Australia. We offer a transseasonal collection so that wherever you are, you'll find something to suit. Shop with confidence, knowing that whatever you choose will serve you better, year round.

Our staples will simplify your life so you can put more effort into what really matters; health, family, friends and this wonderful planet of ours. Here's 7 ways we can help you. Get tips and inspo from the women who wear our staples here. There's a little bit here about our practices around plastic and waste, including our repair service and you'll find answers to a few questions we've been asked here. If you're still not sure if we're a match, go here



Our logo, an ancient symbol of female divinity, reminds us that we have everything we need within us to do what's right for ourselves & our world.

We just need to listen.