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Are we a match?

Do you: 
  • want to wear clothes that make you feel special and serve you well at the same time? (this is what we live for...for us, a staple's not a staple unless it can do both) 
  • love beautiful things but don't want to waste money or the earth's resources on things you won't wear/use? (by their very nature, staples get worn)
  • find everything looks the same in shops today? (hello small batch!)
  • worry that what you buy won't last? (we choose quality fabrics and workmanship to help ensure the longevity of our staples but, should you have any problems, check out our repair service

    If you answered yes to any/all of these (who wouldn't?!) then we're a match!


    Here are a few women who love our staples. We hope you'll let us work with you to simplify your wardrobe and your life too!


    Feel free to get in touch hi@staplestorefremantle if you have any questions about your wardrobe or our staples that we can help with. You might also be interested in signing up to our mailing list where we share our latest arrivals and musings like: 'how can I simplify my wardrobe and love clothes?' 



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