A bit about us (& you)

Staple Store takes a holistic approach to your wardrobe & your life.

We're an all-woman team guided by design anthropologist Dirima Cuthbert. Dirima's training in anthropology, design, an almost-finished masters degree in sustainable consumption & eight years retailing clothes bring theory & practice together. Buy with confidence, knowing that each piece in our curated collection has been selected for its ability to add value to your wardrobe & your life.

Our knowledgeable staff Molly, Jen, Anika & Serena are ready to assist you in store & dozens of women design, make and sell us our wares.

But, most of all, Staple Store is you. Your choices guide us in what to stock & how it should be made, transported & displayed.

 Staple Store is by you, for you ~ we just need to listen.